Vision & Values

Our Path to Success - The Delve Vision

Delve will be one of the best and most respected market research data collection companies in America, providing a menu of product services that is unsurpassed in meeting the needs of all market research clients.

We will achieve the objective through an organization and a working environment which fully develops and challenges our individual talents; encourages initiative, innovation, collaboration, and risk taking to drive the business ahead; and creates an unbreakable bond between us and our clients because of our integrity, professionalism, service, and accountability.

We expect that Delve will generate sustained growth in revenue and profit, and, as a result, our clients, our business, our people and our shareholders will prosper.

Our Values

At Delve, we believe in a core set of values that guide our behavior. These values are trust, honesty, integrity, respect for the individual, collaboration, commitment, accountability and educated risk taking.

Trust: We can rely upon the honesty, integrity and dependability of each other. By our actions, we earn each other's trust every day.

Honesty: Our words are true, and our actions and motives are in keeping with our values. We deal openly, honestly and fairly with our clients and with one another all the time.

Integrity: We do the right thing for the right reasons. We do what we say we will do.

Respect for the Individual: We trust each other as we want to be trusted. We value our differences and respect each other as individuals.

Collaboration: We work together, and we contribute what we do best to achieve the best results possible.

Commitment: We pledge to get the job done. We do not give up; we do the extras; and we do not let each other or our clients down.

Accountability: We answer for our actions and we meet our obligations to our clients and to each other. We solve the problems that come to us. We do not pass the buck.

Educated Risk-Taking: We use all of our knowledge, judgment and experience to calculate the likelihood of our success and then move forward quickly, with a sense of urgency, to accomplish our goals.

Our Guiding Principles

As a company, we are committed to building a highly energized, dynamic, creative, collaborative, and high performing, winning organization. To achieve this end, we will be guided by principles focusing on competitive advantage, exceptional service, organization effectiveness, employee well being, and commitment to excellence.

Competitive Advantage - To achieve and sustain competitive advantage, we will:

  • Provide exceptional and unsurpassed service to our clients resulting in a relationship where we are our clients "First Choice" all the time.
  • Develop and maintain the most complete and accurate database that can meet virtually all of our client's needs all the time.
  • Be consistently equal to or better than our competitors in total product offerings.
  • Have 100% of our branches "Top Rated" by industry standards.
  • Be the superior marketer.
  • Provide facilities and technology that are unsurpassed in meeting the needs of our clients.

Exceptional and Unsurpassed Service - Means:

  • Clients will be delighted at how consistently excellent our service will meet their needs.
  • Clients will know they can always count on Delve to do what it says it will do, and be fully accountable for the service it undertakes.
  • Clients will consistently want to do repeat business with Delve.

Organizational Effectiveness - Delve will be effective because it will maintain a culture that encourages all of us to:

  • Conduct ourselves with integrity and respect for all individuals.
  • Be proactively open and honest in dealing with others.
  • Take individual accountability.
  • Value and take managed risk.
  • Communicate actively and openly. Expect to challenge and be challenged on key issues.
  • Recognize our interdependencies and encourage team-work throughout the organization for the collective good of Delve.

Employee Well Being - We provide an environment that encourages achievement, and values the individual and collective contributions of all our people. We will:

  • Promote diversity and individuality in employees.
  • Develop our people, broaden and improve their skills, and build our organization primarily from within.
  • Pay fairly and competitively with careful attention to recognizing individual accomplishment through pay and reward programs.

Commitment to Excellence - We will take pride in our work and set the highest standards for ourselves in all our endeavors, demanding constant improvement and excellence in all our actions.

Our Goals

  • Develop and support responsible leadership in all parts of our company.
  • Create and maintain a healthy organization.
  • Maintain excellence in all aspects of customer relationships.
  • Grow the size of our business and broaden the services we provide to our customers.
  • Pursue responsible cost-effectiveness throughout the company through optimum use and care of Company resources.
  • Ensure the preparedness of the company to broaden its geographic scope.
  • Sustain strong financial performance.