Field & Project Management

One of the many ways Delve stands out from other data collection companies is by offering Project Management that is scaleable to your needs. This unique department manages and coordinates as little or as much support as you may need. Our experienced team offers national coverage and exceptional knowledge in all methodologies. When you need real value, real solutions, creative ideas and proactive problem resolution, our Central Project Management Team is the answer.

Delve's Central Project Management Team will:

  • Manage any methodology or combination of methodologies anywhere in the US.
  • Provide one point of contact for all of your study needs.
  • Coordinate pricing of all study components.
  • Schedule and confirm your project.
  • Manage all field sites (Delve and non-Delve).
  • Manage data processing.
  • Provide daily project updates and maintain regular client communication throughout the study.
  • Provide back end deliverables such as cross tabulations as well as ASCII, SPSS, SAS and Excel formats.

Experts in managing studies consisting of the following methodologies:

  • Focus Groups, Pre-Recruits, Central Location Tests, Home Use Tests, IDI's, Taste Tests, and more.
  • IVR - Interactive Voice Response technology surveys.
  • CATI - Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing.
  • Internet surveys
  • Any combination of qualitative and/or quantitative methodologies.
  • Our Central Project Management Team will develop and coordinate all study materials, including but not be limited to:
    • Screener development
    • Supervisor instructions
    • Respondent instructions
    • Consent forms
    • Client questionnaires
    • Quota sheets
    • Product use instructions
    • Tally sheets
    • Respondent profiles
    • Monitoring and validation forms
    • Custom reports
    • Respondent packets
    • Briefing materials
    • Data file layouts
    • Write programming specifications for client deliverables
    • And more...

Delve's Central Project Management team will handle all the technology required as well:

  • Data entry
  • Transcription
  • Specification writing for programming
  • Programming
  • Testing of all electronic questionnaires
  • Data deliverables

For superior project management from initiation to completion, Central Project Management from Delve is the answer.