Video Conferencing

Why use video conferencing?

Video conferencing remains the highest quality and best way to view remote focus groups. Transmission is directly to client corporate video conferencing rooms at 384 kilobit, near broadcast quality and viewed on large television monitors. In partnership with FocusVision we use the highest quality video conferencing technology customized for the market research application and integrated into the focus facility environment.

The technology is two-way interactive so client and facility sites can see and hear each other for project briefings before, between, and after focus groups. There is direct communication to the facility back room during a project so you can speak to your colleagues or have a note relayed in to the moderator.

FocusVision on-site technicians operate a dedicated camera for each project so you get a dynamic viewing experience with full group shots and close-ups on respondents and materials anywhere in the room.

Increase participation in your research projects while saving time and travel budgets. FocusVision transmission services mean not everyone has to travel to every focus group every time in order to be involved in the strategic planning process. Bring the focus group right into your office and increase the visibility of market research in the corporate culture and decision making.

Delve proudly partners with FocusVision the industry's leading provider of this technology.

FocusVision Video Conferencing