Shelby Floyd

Information Designer


Shelby Floyd


I use graphic design and media creation to support the work of our engineers, designers, researchers and business developers, all with the aim of designing cool stuff that grows businesses and makes life better.


Graphic Designer – Wisconsin IceCube Particle Astrophysics Center
Media Producer – Madison Metropolitan School District
Curriculum Editor – Mizzou Instructional Materials Lab


I’m passionate about creating with purpose and craft. I love generating ideas and communicating meaning through graphic design, animation, and video.


I have a lifelong love of musical instruments. I’ve enjoyed playing upright bass, baritone, bari sax, ukulele, drum kit, tabla and a mishmash of electronic instruments. My current favorites include an archtop hollow-body guitar and a banjo uke. You can also find me hiking around or biking with my son Sebastian who still hasn’t forgiven me for selling my vintage 70’s Flying V.

What is your first memory of design thinking?

As a kid I made my own toys to supplement my action figures—popsicle stick boats, rafts and catapults. I remember raiding my mom’s craft supplies to make a hang glider out of leather and wire—adjusting everything until my Ewoks could snap in and out just right.

Shelby Floyd
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