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Meet our new Director of Industrial Design

Eric Mackey, Delve's new Director of Industrial Design, isn't one to design within the lines.

"My background is in industrial design, but I have a passion for understanding the entire product ecosystem," he said. "Looking for ways to innovate outside of the product offering. I'm always one to step back and think about the bigger picture of how our solutions can have a greater impact."

Before joining Delve in December, Eric led a global industrial design (ID) and user experience (UX) team for Johnson Controls. His work melded UX, ID, customer experience (CX), and service design with a unified human-centered approach. His teams developed digital product experiences and hardware solutions, focusing on sustainability and circular design.

"I'm driven by the collaborative aspects of my career. Seeing how you can bring a better solution by being open and empathetic to the people you work with and are solving for," he said.

In the last year, Eric saw thought leadership by Delve online and was intrigued by what looked to be an exciting new entrant to the product development scene in Wisconsin. He was pleasantly surprised to discover it was, in fact, the newly rebranded Design Concepts, which he had toured years ago as a student at the Milwaukee Institute of Art & Design (MIAD). Looking at our portfolio, he was excited at the possibilities for pushing Delve's ID team forward and rounding out the collaborative service offering.

"Delve's strength is in developing holistic product experiences that are grounded in research and meaningful insights. For industrial design, that means initially advancing our color, material, and finish capability –helping our clients envision new futures for their brands, technologies, and customer relationships," he said. "To me, these factors exist primarily to improve product interactions, both physically and emotionally. Most importantly, I want to shine a light on industrial designs' ability to advance our clients' sustainability missions with thoughtful materials and manufacturing explorations. Overall, my team will be focusing on working with an interdisciplinary mindset. We need a singular lens as Delve. We want to be pushed and inspired by our partners. Our ears and eyes are open."

Eric and his wife, Anne, will be settling between Madison and Milwaukee, where she has acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine practices. They are expecting their first child in February.

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