Decision Making

Making a critical decision ... that can be a very tough thing to do. Getting organizational buy-in and implementing it can be even harder.


An expanded version of our 2017 SxSW workshop, this hands-on experience is designed to bring clarity and confidence to decision making. Based on research on the science of decision making, participants will confront subjective biases that can skew their choices and learn how to overcome them with critical thinking tools. Participants will also experience social and cultural factors that affect decisions.

Our workshop, held over two half-day sessions, will help your organization learn:

  • About the art and science of decision making
  • How to shift from thinking about “good decisions” to “good decision-making outcomes”
  • About new processes and tools to help design and facilitate decision making in your organization
  • How to structure best practices for post-decision implementation


  • A multi-step group decision-making experience where participants will learn through deciding, using different decision-making tools and processes.


  • Completed frameworks
  • New information and skills
  • Tools for designing and facilitating the decision-making process
  • Best practices for post-decision implementation

Participants will leave with

A better understanding of what it takes to drive confident decisions.

Who will benefit from this workshop?

Any team that struggles making business decisions.

Attendees and time commitment

8 - 10 stakeholders for half-day sessions spread over two days.


All workshops are held at Delve offices in Madison, San Francisco, or Boston. Cost for workshops ranges from $5,000 - $15,000 per team depending upon the workshop selected and the size of the group. Contact us to schedule your team today!

Schedule your team

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