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Ami Verhalen

Vice President of Design & Principal


Ami Verhalen

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Ami’s interests and career place her at the intersection of creativity, design, strategy and business. She enjoys changing the way people look at things and creating simple, beautiful solutions to address complex systems and situations for the betterment of business and people.

Ami graduated with a BFA in Industrial Design from the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design. She has been with the firm for nearly 20 years. Her teams, which consist of researchers, strategists and designers, help envision and design every aspect of an experience. A self-proclaimed “math nerd,” Ami thrives on partnering with engineering, R&D, marketing and business strategy to ensure solutions are not only evocative but grounded in the realities of business and implementation.

Since 2008, Ami has co-taught the graduate-level business course 'Design Thinking for Business' for the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s Master’s in Business Administration (MBA) program. She co-developed the class, which is within the Center for Brand and Product Management where student teams design service and product strategies for local partnering organizations.

Outside of work, Ami enjoys grilling, fires and game night with her family. She practices yoga and is a big Cirque du Soliel fan, having seen around 20 different shows.

Ami Verhalen