What our clients and users are saying
Client logo baebies
"Delve brings strengths that we don't have, which is why I'm looking forward to working with them again."
Vamsee Pamula, Founder and President, Baebies
Client logo widen
"What we accomplished in six months with Delve would have easily taken us 18 months to get through on our own."
Leah, Director of Research & Design, Widen
Client logo Tru Stage
"Delve deepened our knowledge of design thinking and user needs. It's paying high dividends in quickly building our customer base."
Dan Kaiser, President, TruStage (formerly SafetyNet)
Client logo spectrum
"This work with Delve far exceeded our expectations and today is the catalyst for defining our forward-looking product road maps.”
J. O'Neill, Senior Director Global Procurement, Spectrum Brands
Client logo Penumbra
"When she put on the system and I lifted her arm for her, she broke down sobbing. She could ‘see’ her arm working normally, and it gave her hope."
Penumbra team member
Client logo dexcom
"Insertion has been painless every single time."
@thesweetlibrarian, Dexcom G6 user, on Instagram
Client logo eo care
"They were really passionate about making something that looked beautiful and behaved in beautiful ways."
Co-Founder, EO Care
Client logo ETC
"We partnered with Delve to get the product to market faster. We were very happy with the communication throughout the process, as well as the final output."
Jim Uphoff, Entertainment Fixture Product Manager, ETC
Client logo natus
"The technical innovation in Otoscan combined with unprecedented simplicity makes customization a great experience for our patients and audiologists."
Lennart Goth & Nils Hampel, Owners of Rhein-Neckar-Akustik, for Natus (formerly Otometrics)
Client logo centerpiece
"The best group that we've worked with."
Sam Grote, Founder and CEO, Centerpiece Software
Client logo ciari
"Without our investment in Delve—and Delve's outstanding creativity and engineering—this would be yet another 'might have been' concept by an enthusiastic, dreamer inventor."
Jonathan Spangler, Founder & CEO, Ciari
Client logo not impossible
"Delve deserves a huge high five for their awesome work! Happy to have them onboard for our beautiful journey.”
Daniel Belquer, Director of Technology, Not Impossible Labs
Client logo helmetfit
“I’ve been in this industry over 35 years, and I think this is something that’s long overdue. It’s a product that should be in every locker room.”
Former President & COO of Riddell and former Director of Product Development for Schutt Sports, J.C. Wingo
Client logo BD
"Working with our UX lead, the design team came up with a wonderful visual interface with intuitive designs for certain features. This has helped triple engagement in the platform."
Ed Liebowitz, Digital Diabetes Product Leader, BD
client logo bruvelo
"I couldn’t be happier with Delve’s work. Not only did they listen to my goals for the product, but they provided invaluable insight into the ‘how and why’ people use a product or feature.”
Dustin Sell, Founder, Bruvelo
Client logo pacific cycle
“You guys are great problem solvers. You look at different angles.”
Terry Cyr, Head of Product Design and Innovation, Pacific Cycle
Client logo sea machines
"They were patient and flexible, both of which are important when dealing with a startup."
Director of Product Management, Sea Machines
Client logo helmetfit
"Having everyone’s fit in the palm of my hand gives me the flexibility to hit over 100 helmets in no time at all."
Head Equipment Manager at the University of Redlands in California
Client logo harley davidson
“These are possibly the coolest stock wheels ever offered by a major manufacturer, and they are inexpensive, to boot!”
Hot Rod Bikes Magazine
Client logo fitlinxx
"When Delve showed us their initial ideas, we were instantly taken by the elliptical design and knew we had a winner right away."
Dave Monahan, President and CEO, FitLinxx
Client logo hdm breas
"The app received rave reviews at an industry conference for its innovative concept and intuitive design."
Mark Carleo, Elyxor Managing Partner, HDM-Breas
Client logo dexcom
"All I felt was a puff of air hitting my skin, that's it!"
@type1livabetic, Dexcom G6 user, on Instagram
Client logo pronova
"Delve helped us define a patient environment that is a true differentiator for our new company."
Joe Matteo, President, ProNova Solutions

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