Amy Lee

Vice President of Insights & Strategy


Amy Lee


My team and I develop strategies and innovation opportunities that push products and businesses forward. We use systems thinking and human centered design methods that result in viable, desirable and feasible strategies and customer experiences.

Scissors, Bullseyes, Beer, Batteries and Badgers!

(insights, analytics, innovation and project management at Fiskars, Target, Miller Brewing, Abbott and Rayovac … and marketing grad and MBA from the Wisconsin School of Business).


Learning about how the mind works (or doesn’t)
Learning new skills and techniques to draw more out of users
Learning from my super-talented colleagues
(Did I mention I like to learn new things?)


Yoga (the hot kind!), running, reading, spending too much time listening to podcasts, and exploring places near and far.

What is your first memory of design thinking?

I loved to draw as a child and I won two big (to me!) poster contests as a kid – one to encourage dental health and one for home nursing services. I think I won because I spent more time thinking about who would be using the poster (who is the end user? What do they need to know? See? Feel?) than my classmates who were more focused on making it look good and artistic technique.

Amy Lee
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