Andrew Edge

Industrial Designer


Andrew Edge


I work with a team of supremely talented people to help bring ideas to life. Industrial designers are a creative force; developing concept sketches, prototyping, and modeling are just a few parts of the design process, which aides in our search for the novel and inspirational. I also have a specialty in algorithmic design, providing opportunities for clients to take advantage of computational complexity in their products


I previously received a bachelors degree in mechanical engineering from Georgia Tech but found a love for design in the process. I continued my education at Auburn University to receive additional bachelors and masters degrees in industrial design. My graduate thesis was titled, “Guidelines for Practical Algorithmic Design for Industrial Designers."


My passion is providing positive experiences through good design, solving problems big and small, and working to make things better than how I found them.


I love a good story and crafted experience in any form: books, movies, music, games, and shows. Please message me your personal hack for sneaking food into the movie theater. I enjoy learning new things and practicing my newfound design skills through personal artistic works and experiments.

What is your first memory of design thinking?

As a Florida native, it’s in my DNA to enjoy Disney World, but more than any ride in the park, my favorite thing to do at Disney was read the map. It was so easy to read and well-illustrated and unlike any other maps I had seen. Its ability to provide information in a way that even a child could understand and enjoy shows how intentionally and thoughtfully it was designed.

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