Andrew Joncich

Senior Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager


Andrew Joncich


The great thing is that I am never sure what I’ll be doing on a given day. Sometimes I’m spinning CAD, 3D printing prototypes, cutting on the laser cutter, running an analysis, sketching (trying to) at a brainstorm or a million other tasks. From Otoscopes to toilet bowl cleaners I never am quite sure what I’ll be working on.


Graduated from the University of Southern California with a BS in Mechanical Engineering.


I have a passion for learning new things which is why I love working here so much. I was the kid that would go straight to the popular science magazines in the back of my school library spending hours reading about new projects and inventions being made. This job requires me to become fairly knowledgeable on whatever project I may be working on which can from any subject area. Whether it’s pedicabs or proton therapy I end up not looking at these subjects the same way afterwards.


Love food (whether cooking or eating), traveling, camping, sailing, watching movies, reading, snowboarding and occasional nerding out with video games and board games.

What is your first memory of design thinking?

Definitely pine wood derby cars. I thought my pinewood rendition of my favorite futuristic hot wheel car was pretty spot on, though… maybe not the fastest car there.

Andrew Joncich
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