Chris Harris

Senior Industrial Designer
Chris Harris


Discovering opportunities and turning these into groundbreaking solutions are only part of the work of a designer. I love to do it all! Being part of a diverse team of researchers, designers and engineers, I am called on to aid with many tasks. Having a hand in all phases of product development really allows me to engage the product I am designing and give clients my best insights and solutions.


I am a graduate of Auburn University. I began my career working in the playground industry. My efforts working on multiple play events and systems have just begun to change the landscape of play for children. I continue to embrace my playful past, bringing fresh imagination to every stage of ideation.


I was born to explore ideas! From the rational to the obscure, I continually challenge myself to inspire others with a wide range of thinking. This is my favorite part of the process - digging and scratching for ideas until you finally achieve that ‘a-ha’ moment.


When I’m not dreaming and designing at work, I can be found dreaming and designing furniture concepts and various toy gadgets in my own spare time.

What is your first memory of design thinking?

Somewhere around the third grade I began to throw away all of my LEGO instructions and create my custom Monster Garage of space ship designs. One of my Space Mothership designs even won 2nd place at the State Fair competition!

Chris Harris
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