Corin Frost

Director of Visual Communications


Corin Frost


I help the designers, researchers, engineers, and strategists in our company to communicate complex information visually. I use graphic design to present everything from research reports to workflow diagrams. Everyone processes information differently and my goal is to make the presentations we give to our clients easy to understand and helpful in facilitating the decisions that are made throughout the design process.


Design Researcher – Design Concepts, Inc. (now Delve)
Design Researcher – Johnson Health Tech NA, fitness equipment


A deep curiosity in people and products. I love figuring out how to turn pages and pages of data into something more fun for the eye to see.


My experience with the Mad Rollin’ Dolls, Madison’s roller derby league, has been both a colorful and powerful experience. I loved being part of a wacky and liberating sport with a supportive and strong community of derby folks. Being part of the executive board helped me step beyond my comfort zone into the world of entrepreneurship and business leadership. I have recently hung up my skates, but you can never take the derby out of a true roller girl. Now I spend time smashing tennis balls and sewing my own designs for my unique (some say overly-accessorized) style.

What is your first memory of design thinking?

In design school, the first year of foundations classes helped give me a language to identify and communicate what made good design good and bad design bad. I remember leaving class and seeing the world through new eyes. Every billboard, package, magazine ad, website and product has been consciously produced. It was exciting to be able to tell which ones used design thinking to become better and which ones could use a few more trips through the development process.

Corin Frost
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