D. Paul Barnes

Industrial Designer

San Francisco

D. Paul Barnes


As an industrial designer, I help turn solutions into magic. I strive to see problems from new angles, visualize ideas, and merge those visions with realities. My superpower is building hands-on prototypes to truly understand what works and what doesn't.


  • Soft goods prototyping at Cosmo.
  • Power and hand tools at TTI.
  • Proud NC State College of Design alum.
  • Study abroad in Prague.
  • "Shop guy."
  • Natural born American-road-tripper.


Ingenuity and compassion are two very deep resources. They should be used to their fullest so every person can thrive on this Earth. For me, that means designing products and systems that are healthy for people and the planet.


The ability to enjoy food is one of the greatest gifts of being alive. I make sure to take advantage of it every day. Otherwise my life is punctuated by hikes, travel, Ultimate, civilization games, gardening, dancing, and assorted design projects.

First memory of design thinking

I was an ambitious seven-year-old, convinced I could build an underground fort in my backyard. The plans were drawn, and I commenced digging the entrance shaft. Mother nature had other ideas, though, and soon my hole was filled with rainwater. I ideated a solution in the form of a straw-like siphon device taking advantage of the suction capabilities of my own mouth. Fortunately, I recognized the design's flaws before prototyping. The project was eventually decommissioned, but I resolved to learn the secrets of how things work.

D. Paul Barnes
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