Dan Kisling

Electrical Engineer
Dan Kisling


I graduated with a bachelor’s in electrical engineering from Lehigh University in Pennsylvania in 2016. I worked for Texas Instruments in Santa Clara, California, and Dallas, Texas, focusing on automotive and industrial applications for about four years. Then I was an electrical design engineer at Automation Components Incorporated in Wisconsin, designing sensors for the HVAC industry.


Designing electronics that solve real problems.


I love designing and tinkering with electronics.


I am really into board games. I have a collection of over 100 games and attend several board game conventions every year. I also have a love for technical theater. I have been an assistant technical director, lighting designer, master electrician, and stage manager for both community theater and professional theater productions. I also like to sew and have made hundreds of bow ties.

What is your first memory of design?

My friend and I met an electrical engineer at a yard sale who was retiring and was about to send all his stuff to the landfill. This was when I was in high school. We filled up a car and a trailer full of his equipment and built a lab in my basement where we would tinker with electronics and build with what we could find. We built a music synchronized LED light show in the trunk of my 1986 Ford Escort.

Dan Kisling
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