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Dave Franchino

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Dave has more than 25 years of product development experience as a corporate practitioner, academic and leader of a product development and strategic innovation firm. He was a Project Manager and Lead Engineer on the team that designed the first line of Saturn automobiles for General Motors. He worked at IDEO as a Product Development Engineer. He has also been a small business owner, an entrepreneur and a consultant.

Dave coaches and mentors his clients on developing and sustaining innovative cultures and creating world-class design solutions with true business impact.

Dave holds a master’s degree in mechanical engineering–manufacturing systems engineering from Stanford University with a focus on integrated design, manufacturing and marketing. He was first in his graduating class. He holds a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Dave is an honorary associate/fellow at the University of Wisconsin - Madison where he co-teaches a class on human-centered product design .A frequent lecturer on the topics of product design and design thinking, he has spoken at Stanford University, the Product Development Management Association, the American Marketing Association and many other educational institutions and conferences.

Dave Franchino
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