Dave Gennrich

Senior Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager


Dave Gennrich


Mechanical problem solving. Finding solutions to make things work - everything from designing a linkage mechanism to make the user experience simpler, to squeezing more stuff into a smaller package to make an excellent aesthetic possible.


I’ve worked on over 30 projects since starting at Delve (formerly Design Concepts) in 1998 ranging from medical equipment to motorcycles. Adding to the variety are internship experiences at Ford and GE Aircraft Engines.


Elegant simplicity in design. The epiphany of discovering a cheap, easy and effective way to get the job done.


Canoeing and camping is what floats my boat, but with a little baby there is a new life to explore.

What is your first memory of design thinking?

Cutting two bicycles in half and splicing them back together in a short-lived attempt to make a recumbent bike that steered with the rear wheel.

Dave Gennrich
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