David James

Systems Verification Engineer
David James


I graduated with a bachelors from the University of Central Arkansas, and with my Ph.D. in physics from the University of Colorado, Boulder. After graduate school, I went to work at the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics (LASP) in Boulder. At LASP I helped calibrate, test, and analyze data from satellites around Earth as well as missions to Europa, Mars, the Moon and Pluto. Most recently (between LASP and Delve) I took 180 degree turn when I became the Director of Operations for the University of Northern Colorado Women’s Basketball program for two seasons…Go Bears!


If you have a system and it has a few problems, call me up and I’d love to help solve them!


I remember as a kid thinking that when I grew up I wanted to be like a Renaissance man: someone who dabbled in a little bit of everything. Unfortunately my artistic side is about as evolved as an sea urchin (no offense to sea urchins). Other than that I love doing most anything.


Right now I’m mostly into doubles sand volleyball, hiking, and camping. But also on the list is rock climbing, woodworking, disc golf, karaoke, ping pong (though Jesse Darley put me in my place not too long ago), bikes (riding and repair), and basketball (playing and coaching).

What is your first memory of design?

My mom and dad used to get a bit frustrated because often I would take apart toys they would get me. I was just as fascinated to see how that toy worked inside as I was to play with it. Specifically I was fascinated by motors in remote controlled cars. So unfortunately, instead of toys that my friends and I could play with, I had a graveyard of plastic car shells, motors, and batteries laying around that never did seem to fit back together quite right.

David James
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