Dennis Kantarski

Director of Business Development


Dennis Kantarski


Identify potential customers and understand their business needs in order for our team to create compelling, customer-focused solutions and ultimately foster long-term successful business relationships.


My sales career began with a 12+ year stint as Senior National Accounts Representative with CCH Computax – at the time, a $200M+ subsidiary of Commerce Clearing House focused on tax services – so I clearly understand the impact of Design Concepts’ work on my customers’ bottom line. I’ve been with Design Concepts (now Delve) since 2001 and between these significant parts of my career, I’ve also gained experience in expert consulting services and knowledge-based solutions. All in all, 30 years of successfully helping my customers achieve their goals.


Simply put: To be the best – treating my customers with respect and providing personal service unmatched by anyone else.


This one's easy! My 1 and 1a passions are playing ice hockey with my buddies for over 30 years on our senior men’s league team and playing my guitar and mandolin with my band “The Cukes” (as well as in our music ensemble at church every Sunday). In both cases, my buddies rock!

What is your first memory of design thinking?

We sure didn’t call it “design thinking” back when I was a kid, but surely this would have to be my plans to customize my Schwinn 20” bike into a Sting-Ray wanna-be. Because I’ve always been tall, extra-long seat post/saddle bar/handlebar stems were a must – along with the chrome mag sprocket and the groovy green metallic paint I airbrushed on the frame. I very quickly became the envy of my neighborhood!

Dennis Kantarski
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