Eric Shank

Managing Director

San Francisco

Eric Shank


I helm our San Francisco office, where I use my background in Industrial Design and Product Development to connect our team of innovative problem-solvers with companies seeking impactful collaboration. There’s nothing I enjoy more than working in the front lines with a badass team in order to create great outcomes for clients and end users.


Pratt Institute (ID), Hasbro (Designer), Wild Planet Toys (SVP Design & Development), Petzam (Founder)


Motorcycles. Current and past technologies with a soft spot for all things analog. Discovering the mechanisms and psychology behind how and why things work and using that knowledge to design novel products in unexpected ways.


More motorcycles … whaleboat racing, scuba diving, pretzel-making, Limoncello-testing, and perfecting the mousetrap.

First memory of Design Thinking

When I was nine years old, I modified my 1970 Schwinn Sting-Ray Orange Krate bicycle. It was a great ride – extended sissy bar, fastback handlebars, five-speed “Stik-Shift” and metal flake banana seat – but something was missing. No matter how many of my Dad’s playing cards I clothes-pinned to the spokes, I just wasn’t happy with the volume of the “engine” sound. Many miles and iterations later, I successfully crafted a bitchin’ muffler contraption made of cardboard tubes, paper cups, rubber bands, and a well-placed stick.

Eric Shank
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