Jarrod Beglinger

Senior Interaction Designer
Jarrod Beglinger


  • MIT and Design Academy Eindhoven
  • Industrial design at IDEO Boston
  • Visual communication at global design agency FITCH
  • Brand Design Director for Bontrager at Trek Bicycle
  • Strategic branding at boutique agency Swink


Striving to design digital interfaces that make the ambiguous clear, the complex simple, and the frustrating delightful.


Trying to be a better designer today than I was yesterday, every single day.


Designing and building furniture, running, cycling, paddling, reading, playing with my kiddos.

What is your first memory of design thinking?

Before I was old enough to use power tools, my dad built me a loft bed. As I started using it, it became clear somebody had not considered the whole customer journey. It was great for the “sleeping” phase, but during the “waking” phase, I noted there was a decided lack of surface area for books, snacks, tschotskes, and what-not. So, I whipped up a little shelf design, sent if off to the manufacturer (dad), had it installed by a vendor (dad), and voila! we had a vastly improved product meeting more user needs.

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