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Jeff Staszak

Studio Lead - Design


Jeff Staszak


My current role as Senior Industrial Designer + Project Manager enables a consistent and comprehensive experience face to the client. Identifying and defining product development objectives structure and facilitate product design programs with cross functional teams for diverse markets. I participate in design creativity and determination of product criteria including form, interface, appearance, color, materials, mechanics and manufacturing processes.


Experience as designer/manager at Trek Bicycle Corporation provides considerable insights. I conducted user research, scenario analysis, competitive product evaluation and product feature opportunity identification while managing designers and the framework required to create great design within an active product category. I worked with multidisciplined teams to identify clear parameters for product development projects to obtain design aesthetic and performance expectations while maintaining continuity and consistency of the brand form.


Connecting the dots, applying adjacents, vision seeking and communication of opportunities


Family, home remodeling, outdoors

What is your first memory of design thinking?

As a child, I was given a scrap pile of wood and a known venue to sell something, anything… whatever I could craft out of the pile. Birdhouses were within my then grade-school capabilities and limited power tool safety access. I remember thinking through all the criteria that anyone at that age would… one big one, or many small ones? …what color? …and, how much money can I make?

I made as many small birdhouses that I could out of that pile of scrap and painted them whatever color was available from the basement shelf, and even mixed colors.

Jeff Staszak