Jenny Westby

Design Researcher
Jenny Westby


German Shepherds, Fighter Pilots, Submarines, and….Insurance.

  • Charles River Analytics Inc.: Use knowledge-elicitation techniques to develop a deep understanding of a variety of military environments, challenges, and requirements to design innovative decision-making interfaces.
  • American Family Insurance: Identified insights and trends to create more seamless and multi-channel insurance shopping experiences.


Design Researcher – Observing, listening, and learning from subject matter experts to help clients make smart decisions and move into the future.


    I love observing others and immersing myself into new, unfamiliar environments. I get excited when I see patterns or trends emerge from the way humans accomplish tasks—especially with how different we all are!


    • Travel – I love exploring and just walking around a country or city I’ve never been to before.
    • My bucket list of places to visit include New Zealand/Australia, Greece, Ireland/Scotland, Iceland, Croatia, Poland, Russia.
    • Music – I love live music and discovering new music. I own a record player and have been slowly accumulating a record collection by seeking out record stores every new place I visit.
    • Running/barre/cycling/cross-country skiing/kickball
    • The Green Bay Packers. I wish I didn’t care as much as I do.

    What is your first memory of design?

    In first grade we had an “invention convention” competition where you had to come up with a new type of product. I had just gotten glasses and was weirdly obsessed with them, so I designed a new pair of glasses. They had a light (or night-vision), windshield wipers with installed cleaner (when they fogged up), and probably some other useful tools. I was shocked when it didn’t win.

    Jenny Westby
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