Jesse Darley

Managing Director, Madison


Jesse Darley

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Jesse is an engineering leader who uses his passion and experience in product design to drive business success for our clients. His primary goal is to ensure the engineering group does everything possible to maintain the initial product vision while realizing the product within the constraints of physical reality.

With Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in mechanical engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Jesse is accustomed to wearing many hats. Before joining Design Concepts (now Delve) in 2006, he worked as the sole mechanical engineer at FitSense Technology, a start-up that developed the first accurate, low-cost speed and distance monitor that eventually became the Nike+ system. He was the second mechanical engineer to join TomoTherapy, a medical device manufacturer that specializes in cancer treatment technologies. For several months in 1998, Jesse designed and built equipment for a team of U.S. climbers on an Everest Extreme Expedition. His equipment monitored the climbers’ vital signs and the weather during their climb. He joined the support team at base camp to help place repeaters throughout the Khumbu Valley and neighboring peaks.

When he’s not “geeking out” with technology, Jesse hits the trail on his mountain bike.

Jesse Darley
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