Jon Tackie

Senior Mechanical Engineer

San Francisco

Jon Tackie

I bring a design-first mentality to my work, choosing to do what is hard from an engineering perspective to achieve cutting edge industrial design, dialed human factors, and engaging user experiences.

I have worked for various design firms throughout my career, most recently at DesignThink in Philadelphia as an Engineering Technical Lead. Before that I worked at IDEO and then LUNAR (McKinsey Design) as a Mechanical Design Engineer. Prior to my life in design consulting, I worked in the automotive industry for IAC Group, a tier-one supplier of automotive interior components, as a tooling and product engineer.

I earned a bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering from Penn State University and master’s degree in Engineering Design Innovation from Northwestern University.

Minimalist design. Products that accomplish a complex task with a simple user interface enabled by creative engineering inspire me.

I will do almost anything that gets me outdoors. I have a love for all things two-wheels, from cycling, to mountain biking, and riding motorcycles. I also love to go on snowboarding trips, play soccer and tennis, and go running.

What is your first memory of design thinking?
During the summers as a kid I spent a lot of time thinking about how best to launch myself into the air when skateboarding, rollerblading, or snowboarding. I started designing and building my own custom ramps and half-pipes … and subsequently injuring myself.

Jon Tackie
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