Jules Miller

Design Researcher
Jules Miller


Engaging with people to learn what drives them (sales) and creating solutions to problems people have (design).


Collaborating with others to discover what’s meaningful and communicate what’s relevant, so that we can create something of value.


Thoughtful communication. Calmness in chaos.


Less frequent than I’d like: Rollercoasters, trampolines, giant slides, mountain biking, and snorkeling.

As frequent as I’d like: Running, woodworking, and reading murder mysteries.

What is your first memory of design?

It was summertime in the ‘90s, and my neighborhood crew and I spent hours in a backyard with a trampoline. We all loved to jump. But having all 5 to 8 of us 5 to 13-year-old kids jumping at the same time was what the grownups called “dangerous."

Our main problem, besides getting yelled at for running around the yard in socks, was how boring it was to watch the two kids allowed on the trampoline doing all the jumping. Very boring.

We got to work on that problem by coming up with game after game that involved the kids on the ground and those up on the trampoline. When a game was as fun for the kids on the ground as it was for those jumping, we’d refine it over and over until it was perfect—except our socks still turned green.

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