Julia Wright

Senior Mechanical Engineer


Julia Wright

Making slot machine things for WMS
Making baby things for NUK
Making all kinds of things for DesignThink

I am a mechanical engineer who empathizes with users, loves working with multidisciplinary teams, and enjoys solving complex problems with simple and effective solutions.

I get super excited about giving ideas life. Seeing a simple spark start to take shape and then helping it evolve is incredibly rewarding.

I love most outdoor activities and exploring new places. Some current favorites include skiing, hiking with my pup, mountain biking, and brewery hopping. I sometimes do crazy things like local Crossfit competitions and right now I am really missing concerts!

What is your first memory of design thinking?
For me growing up, narrative was a huge part of how I played. It would start by creating in-depth characters of who myself and my friends were (stakeholders). Imagining some absurd situation that we have found ourselves in (problem definition). And then plan, imagine, create ways out of it (ideate). And then we would test it out, usually by running through the woods and imagining how it would play out (prototype/test)! And through our narrative, sometimes the plans would work, other times they would fail. Sometimes we would rerun the same situation again executing a different plan. I didn’t know it at the time, but the creativity in problem solving through play was essentially design thinking at its core.

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