Karyn Schubert

Senior Design Strategist


Karyn Schubert


  • Product implementation at the world’s largest EHR vendor
  • Project/product management at a custom software development shop and a Fortune 500 innovation department
  • Product director for a mission-based staffing startup
  • Innovation director at a non-profit professional development association for healthcare executives


Utilize market trends, human-centered design practices, and strategic frameworks to create impactful, innovative, and actionable insights for our clients.


  • Pinpointing tricky problems and determining thoughtful and creative approaches to solving them
  • Learning what really makes people tick – from team members to customers to subject-matter experts (or people that I randomly strike up conversations with at a bar)
  • All things product—experimentation, metrics, planning, requirements, ideation, communication across teams; the list goes on


Weight lifting, playing (non-competitive) sand volleyball, watching baseball (especially my Minnesota Twinkies), reading, camping, sampling craft beers, exploring new (and re-exploring familiar) places.

What is your first memory of design thinking?

I’m bending the rules and going with my most vivid memory of design thinking—when I actually learned what that term meant. I had recently taken a job within an innovation department, and my team was in the midst of an intense human-centered design project. I hadn’t even heard the words "design" and "thinking" used together at this point, but in previous roles as a project/product manager, I always thought that the user was lost in the shuffle of gathering and creating requirements, and teams were too quick to slap a simple solution on top of a problem instead of rooting out the precise problem that needed to be solved. During my initial onboarding, while my teammates were describing the design thinking process, I thought, “Wait a minute. You mean that I’m not the only person who thinks these issues exist? And someone’s already figured out a way to handle this? Woo hoo!”

Karyn Schubert
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