Katie Broughton

Senior Program Manager, San Francisco and Boston Lead

San Francisco

Katie Broughton


I’m naturally organized. My spices are in alphabetical order. My email has an absurdly precise file structure. My kids’ soccer teams run with military precision ... OK, the 4-­year-­old will often just spin instead of playing soccer, but the league has all our team’s paperwork, our parents always know the schedule, and there’s always someone assigned to bring snacks.

Trained as an engineer and artist, I’m comfortable working with designers, engineers and all kinds of clients. I’m happiest in the spaces between disciplines, where the designer’s aesthetic bumps up against the manufacturing constraints or where the marketing vision isn’t in line with the engineering costs. I enjoy moving the creative process forward­­, especially the negotiation that happens when everyone wants to make something amazing but the team simply has different views on how to get there.


MIT, Stanford, LLNL, Wild Planet Toys, Ecologic Brands, LUNAR


Green design, design for kids, things that are beautiful or complex or inspiring


When I’m not chasing my kids around Oakland or creating a Post-It mural on the office fridge, you can find me in the studio making glass art.

What is your first memory of design thinking?

I wanted to be an architect as a kid and my dad set me to work designing his dream lake house (note: we did not live anywhere near a lake). I spent hours drawing scaled floor plans and checking in with him on whether this detail or that would work. It was the first time I worked for a client and I learned to consider the needs of all the people who would use the space and all the functions it should serve.

Katie Broughton
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