Kris Biegler

Director of Mechanical Engineering


Kris Biegler


Mechanical engineering background working on a wide range of products and processes. Leading cross functional teams through technology and product development programs. Structural, thermal, and fluid flow analysis and integration of the analysis process into the design and development process. Previous areas include consumer product development, polymer processing and equipment design, film extrusion processing, powersports powertrain structural and thermal design and analysis, full vehicle aerodynamics, and managing a cross-disciplinary analysis team.


Collaborating as part of a multidisciplinary team to help develop new products. Leveraging my analysis background to help approach new or existing problems. Being part of a team that develops elegant solutions that meet the needs of customers and improve the user experience.


Developing new skills and helping people develop new skills. I’m constantly looking for new opportunities to learn new skills or how old skills can be applied in new ways, both at work and outside of work. From learning a new software, new development process ideas, new skill in a sport, a new sport, or my ever-expanding musical instruments that I “sort of” play.


All sorts of biking, but mountain biking and family biking trips around town are the best. Camping and paddle sports take up the rest of the (limited) summer free time. In the winter there is a combination of cross-country skiing, fat biking, motorcycle ice riding, and vintage snowmobile riding (which really should be called mechanical troubleshooting in the woods at sub-freezing temperatures). Wood and metal working and building all sorts of things I could buy but enjoy the challenge of making things myself.

What is your first memory of design thinking?

Like a lot of other people in the engineering/design field, I have early memories of taking things apart to figure out how they work and trying to make them better, or at the very least put them back together. What really stands out in my mind early on is the ability to fail, but not just the ability to fail but how to work through the initial failure. Learning how to come up with a solution after the first (or second or third) idea doesn’t work and how to start to understand why your idea didn’t work and how to keep on persevering until you reach your objective. Learning through the entire problem-solving process and how to apply that to the next challenge.

Kris Biegler
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