Kristin Hagen

Design Strategist


Kristin Hagen


Working together with clients to generate, analyze and synthesize data, create compelling narratives and develop actionable recommendations for their businesses.


Fiskars – Product Manager (Garden & Yard care)
UW-Madison School of Business – Marketing


Understanding humans – what motivates us, shapes our behaviors and influences the relationships we have with one another & the world we live in.


Treating those around me to bake goods: cakes, pies, cookies & more
Competing at board game nights, ultimate Frisbee and impromptu hallway speed walking races
Meeting new, beautiful places close and far from home
Eating my way through all tasty restaurants … always with room for dessert!

First memory of design thinking

Like a lot of kids, I occasionally enjoyed taking over the living room with a fort. Enlisting every free sheet, towel, blanket and chair in the house I’d work to make a fort spacious and structurally sound against the forces of brothers and a cat. Simply draping the sheets over the chairs didn’t cut it. Instead, I had to gather the heaviest books, strongest hair clips and bucket of clothes pins to secure it in place. Then I’d request to keep it up for days at a time as my reading nook or slumber party zone.

Kristin Hagen
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