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Kyle Neuser

Industrial Designer


Kyle Neuser


My job is to help our clients imagine the “what if.” Every day I get to sketch, build, model and help visualize the future products, experiences and tools of our world.


I spent four years designing fitness products and solutions for Matrix Fitness, one of the most innovative fitness companies in the world. I also worked for the Ariens Company, developing outdoor power equipment like snow-throwers and lawnmowers. I am a University of Wisconsin – Stout Industrial Design graduate.


Blurring the lines between Art and Science.


Bicycles — I love commuting, mountain biking, bike camping and tinkering.
Baking — Trying to perfect the art of bread baking, one loaf at a time.
Food & Family — There is nothing like spending a Sunday evening cooking and conversing with the fam.

First memory of Design Thinking

When I was a kid, I remember my father having a miniature putting green in the basement. In school we had a project to invent something. I decided it would be a great idea if my Dad could take his putting green from his home office to his work office so I developed a putting green that packed up within a briefcase. The green rolled up and the hole was built into the briefcase so it would store the golf balls when you sunk your put. I thought I was so clever then, thinking he could hide this little bit of fun in a serious work briefcase. No one would ever know! I’m sure it was already on a daytime TV infomercial.

Kyle Neuser