Lily Ahrens

Design Researcher
Lily Ahrens


Through observation and interviews, I uncover human-centered insights that are used in innovation, design, and improving the user experience.


My career has spanned a variety of research across industries.

  • Customer experience research, including VOC surveys, at Ipsos
  • Market research, such as brand awareness, customer satisfaction, and advertising testing, at Blue Cross Blue Shield Association
  • Leveraging consumer surveys to understand financial hardship and sentiment towards credit at TransUnion


Asking questions. It’s a joy to have a career where I get to ask questions and dig into new topics on a daily basis.


Music! For me, playing the violin is a way to be creative, clear my mind, create beautiful sounds, and connect with others.

I also like to explore new places, attend cultural events, read, and ride my bicycle.

What is your first memory of design?

My sister and I designed house plans when we were young. I remember going through pages of graph paper imagining what our future homes might look like. The most enticing part was the feeling that anything was possible!

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