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Lizzi Neelsen

Mechanical Engineer & Project Manager


Lizzi Neelsen


Charles Mingus has this great line that sums up my role as an engineer in the realm of design: "Making the complicated simple, awesomely simple, that's creativity." I infuse my left-brained logic and my right-brained imagination into the ideas and solutions that I bring to the table.


Credo Product Development, Mechanical Engineer
University of Wisconsin–Madison, B.S. Mechanical Engineering


Design is people-centric — from the people who are part of the process to the implications for the final user. That makes my job especially fascinating and meaningful. I love solving problems of various magnitudes together with my colleagues and generating products that bring delight, relief or purpose to someone’s day.


I’m a passionate supporter of the arts, given the huge impact music has had on my life. I’ve played trumpet and piano since middle school and became a ballroom dancer after college, which has been a fun and challenging new way to connect with music. The competitor and problem solver in me is always game for games, anything from video games (especially the Legend of Zelda series) to curling up with coffee and the Sunday crossword to board games with friends.

First memory of “design thinking”

Legos were a favorite toy of mine as a kid, and I especially liked the Lego Technic race car with a manual transmission that I “borrowed” from my older brother when he wasn’t home. I would disassemble a mechanism to learn how it worked and then test what no longer worked on the car to discern the mechanism’s purpose. The experience taught me the importance of attention to detail, since I lost a few parts in my haste to return the car back to his room, and I’d like to think it helped me learn to drive stick on a ’94 Mercury Tracer. My Dad and brother probably say otherwise.

Lizzi Neelsen