Lori Lelivelt, Quality Manager | Delve
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Lori Lelivelt

Quality Manager


Lori Lelivelt


I help to ensure we are executing the details of our client contracts accurately and completely.


Stay-at-home mom, Sun Prairie WI – the best position I have ever held.
Director of Quality Assurance at Jones pharmaceuticals in Middleton WI
Quality Specialist at Austin Quality Foods, Cary NC


I love to keep the details straight at work. Although this may not be a typical “passion,” I am good at it and I try to play to my strengths!


I am the most proud cheerleader of my daughter at all of her activities. Nothing gives me more joy than watching her gain confidence in all of her varied pursuits.

What is your first memory of design thinking?

When I was about 7, I made a maze for my hamster out of building blocks. It was really elaborate with bridges and tunnels, twists and turns. In the end, the hamster never learned to go through the maze. He just knocked down the “walls” to get to his treat. But the fun was in the designing and building process and the contraption took up floor space in my bedroom for many weeks!

Lori Lelivelt