Madeline Sides, Mechanical Engineer | Delve
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Madeline Sides

Mechanical Engineer

San Francisco

Madeline Sides


I'm a Mechanical Engineer at Delve in San Francisco. To me, this means creatively and swiftly solving problems, identifying and mitigating technical risks, defining exciting product concepts and actively collaborating across disciplines.


My path has been guided by curiosity and a desire to solve important problems. Experiences along the way have included:

  • Head of Product Development and Co-Founder, Healyx Labs
  • Teaching Assistant, Stanford Product Realization Lab
  • MS Mechanical Engineering and BS Bioengineering, Stanford University

Plus, some stints as a frog researcher, food developer, photographer and kitchen manager.


Exploring answers to difficult questions and expanding my worldview through design, research, travel, and firsthand experiences. I am curious to learn how others live, experience different cultures, and find common ground.


The natural world, particularly the Western US, is my playground of choice. I ride bikes on pavement and dirt wherever I can. When there’s snow on the ground, I will ski on it! I may also paint an image or take a photo of it while I’m out there. Making and sharing food keeps the adventure going and is also very fun.

What is your first memory of design thinking?

I did a project in elementary school on “smart clothes” – an imagined future technology with unknown societal implications. We sketched out user personas, diagrammed potential products and wrote about the benefits and harm this technology might create. Looking back, that was pretty heavy stuff for a bunch of 11- year-olds…

Madeline Sides