Matt Bettman

Design Studio Lead

San Francisco

Matt Bettman


I work with clients to develop and realize their vision of the ultimate consumer experience, taking into account all the factors that make a design good. A good design is often part of a narrative about the user, I work with a group of incredibly creative and variously talented people to help write that story.


Outdoor Gear Tester
Kitchen Designer
Model Maker


Unresolved problems that could benefit from new ways of thinking. Small living spaces, especially if they have a motor. Truly exceptional products.


My kids
The woods
My workshop
Cars, Music, Boats, Beer…

What is your first memory of design thinking?

As a kid riding in the back of my mom’s car, I looked out the window and noticed a common fire hydrant. I realized that this fire hydrant, along with every other utilitarian object on that drive, had some aesthetics applied to it in order to enhance its appearance. This became a game where I would try to determine which aspects of a particular (and very regular) object were purely to enhance its aesthetics and whether the effort made the product any better. Over time I began to either appreciate or lament some of the design decisions that were made and how time and trends affected people’s tastes. Thirty years later, I’m still playing the same game and learning something new about design almost every day.

Matt Bettman
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