Matt Poster

Senior Mechanical Engineer and Project Manager


Matt Poster


I am a creative, flexible, engineer excited about finding new ways to solve problems. I believe in simplicity and a mix of aesthetics with function. My electromechanical capabilities span from factory layouts and automation to end-use consumer products. I specialize in mass production of forged, formed, molded, machined metals and plastics.


I’ve spent the last 17 years refining my skillset working with global manufactures like Trek Bicycles and Johnson Health Technologies creating items as simple as a water bottle holders to city bike share kiosk systems. While working overseas and domestically, I’ve been heavily involved with all aspects business — from early planning strategy of new market segments to managing teams of other disciplines to execute and produce high-quality end-use products.


I enjoy building, creating and solving problems with my teams while bringing ideas to life.


I enjoy Brazilian jiu-jitsu (grappling) and bicycling. Both of these activities push me to learn to control my body and breathing while being patient under pressure and strain.

First memory of design thinking

When I was in high school, I took drafting to draw up my ideas that I could make in the industrial arts classes. This not only gave me extra credits in class but helped me understand that just because you can “draw it” doesn’t mean it can be made easily.

Matt Poster
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