McKayla Barber

Industrial Designer


McKayla Barber


Researching, strategizing, and designing consumer and commercial products for clients ranging from entrepreneurs to Fortune 500s.


As an industrial designer with experience in research and strategy, I specialize in translating insights into tangible product designs, making the fuzzy front front-end physical.


Understanding how we can use design to solve problems that expand far beyond the reach of physical products. Closing the gender gap in the industrial design industry.


Anything that lets me get my hands dirty. Hiking, rock climbing, scuba diving, pottery, cooking.

What is your first memory of design?

Visiting the City Museum in St. Louis with my aunt. As an artist herself, my aunt has always encouraged me to explore that side of my personality. When I was young, she would take my sister and I to the City Museum, which is not a museum at all, but rather a repurposed warehouse that contains caverns, old industrial objects, and everything from a child’s imagination. I still marvel at the level of vision it took to create such an amazing space.

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