Mindy Phung

Mechanical Engineer


Mindy Phung


I am an engineer with a passion for listening to people's stories, working with interdisciplinary teams, designing for manufacturability, and creating innovative products that address insightful user needs. I enjoy mixing the rigor of engineering and the playfulness of design thinking. As a consultant, I enjoy learning about all the interesting products and challenges our clients have, and bringing fresh perspective to develop solutions that not only work, but bring delight to the end user.


I bring my unique experience in low-resource, fast-paced design, and international settings to the table. From establishing manufacturing facilities to build clean cook stoves in Nairobi, Kenya (Burn Manufacturing Kenya) and developing a posture therapy device from design to manufacture in Cape Town, South Africa (Shonaquip), I have developed a scrappy, energetic attitude to getting stuff done. From various internships in the medical device industry (Think Surgical, Channel Medsystems, Nakashima Medical), I’ve also developed a deep interest in orthopedics and designing for the human body. I hold a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a bachelor’s degree in Product Design from Stanford University.


I am passionate about using the power of design thinking to develop creative solutions. I love working in teams of people from all different backgrounds, and leveraging everyone’s strengths and perspectives to create something unique that no one person could accomplish. Whether it’s for a client project, an art installation for Afrikaburn (Burning Man regional event in South Africa), or choreographing movement for various dance groups in which I’ve participated, I try to apply design tools in all aspects of my life!


Dance has always been a huge part of my life, and my love for movement has contributed to my interest in orthopedics and the medical device industry in general. Among my favorite styles are modern, release technique, contact improv … and whatever you call the style that is dancing around my bedroom in the dark. In general, I also just love being outside whether it’s hiking, road biking, camping or surfing (even though I’m terrible).

First memory of design thinking

One of my favorite aspects of design thinking is to get out of the cerebral realm and to “think with your hands.” I guess I employed this strategy when I got bored with my Barbie dollhouse as a kid, and my friend and I decided to build our own. Before long, our little cardboard house grew into an extravagant three-foot mansion — each room was colored with paint samples from the hardware store, the entire first floor became a dance room covered from floor to ceiling with foil (“mirrors”) to reflect disco-ball lights, and a plastic wrap greenhouse tunnel connected the dance studio to a swimming pool. My mom said we could ship the house to my friend when she went home, but it apparently got lost in the mail.

Mindy Phung
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