Miranda Degg

Industrial Designer


Miranda Degg


As a student, I helped establish a soft goods design lab at my school and had the opportunity to teach students how to “think with fabric.” As an exhibit designer at Catalyst Exhibits, I learned to tell a brand’s core story using recyclable architecture and interactives. Later, my time freelancing provided me with agility, endurance, and an opportunity to extrapolate meaning and solutions from vague and often incomplete information.


Currently, I utilize virtual reality (VR) as a tool to help my fellow designers and our clients visualize concepts in a realistic and immersive way. My role at Delve is one that promotes fearlessness and relentless curiosity. I often find myself diving deep out of my comfort zone for design solutions. Outside of my role at Delve, I’m also a member of the Chicago-based non-profit organization Advanced Design (AD). As a member of AD, I interview pioneers in the design community, help facilitate workshops with students, and assist in the execution of our yearly design conference, SQ1.


I am driven by the future and what could be. I’m never afraid to always ask “why” and approach problems with a childlike fascination. I am very enthusiastic about learning and pushing my skill set, and love adding tools like new software programs to my arsenal.


Things I enjoy include biking late at night, cooking over a fire on a beach, and dreaming about what it might be like to live on Mars. Recently, I’ve also started running. Although I consider myself an amateur, I am excited by the challenge of something new and always make sure to reward myself with some manually brewed coffee.

What is your first memory of design thinking?

My first design memory was when I received a paper plane model as a child from my grandparents. It required me to cut and fold an intricate, 1:200th scale model of the NASA Space Shuttle. It sparked a lifelong obsession with reusable space crafts and has since grown into a passionate interest in the people, vehicles, and products that humanity’s missions into space have provided us (such as baby formula, CAT Scans, and memory foam).

Miranda Degg
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