Rachel Robinson, Director of New Product Development, Boston | Delve
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Rachel Robinson

Director of New Product Development, Boston


Rachel Robinson


I have the opportunity at Delve to work with teams of people with completely different backgrounds who come together for a singular purpose, to change people’s lives with their products. I want my clients to come to me with any challenge and know that I am going to help them find the solution. My role is to connect the right people with the right technology at the right moment.


I’ve spent the last 11 years working with companies, both large and small, who are looking for solutions to unique technical challenges. I like working with groups undertaking things that have never been done, like designing devices that automate critical care in hospitals and engineering driverless cars and robotic animals. People who look at the world daily and say, “It can be better, let’s figure out how,” are inspiring and I’ve been lucky enough to collaborate with them.


People. Connecting, chatting, brainstorming what could be. Finding ways to form a team and collaborate. I love interacting with people who think differently than me.


I’m a die-hard sports fan. I support NY teams even though I live in Boston, which makes for some very interesting (loud) conversations, especially during football season. I spend my free time searching Beantown for the perfect Old Fashioned and crushing it at Donkey Kong.

First memory of design thinking?

I don’t exactly remember when design thinking entered the picture but I have been obsessed with the design of robotic technology since I was 4 and got a Teddy Ruxspin. It was my first interaction with animatronics and I was hooked. I remember trying to understand how his mouth moved and attempting to take him apart so I could teach him new words. I think my parents were concerned. In the last few years, I’ve been lucky enough to spend a lot of time working with some amazing robotic technology companies and so the love affair continues.

Rachel Robinson