Samantha Jones

Design Researcher


Samantha Jones


I use research and insights, with a particular focus on human-centered methodologies, to find the intersection between design, experience, and innovation.


  • Project management at UW-Madison Office of Human Resources
  • Client/project management at online market research platform startup
  • Project/product management within CX and innovation in insurance


User experience (UX). Whether it’s physical or digital experiences, I’m always thinking how things can be better by focusing on and anticipating the wants and needs of the end user.


Concerts, card/board games, crocheting, personality tests, gemstones, baking (and eating!)

What’s your first memory of design thinking?

Working in market research really opened my eyes to designing products and experiences that have the user at the center. Also, visiting Savannah College of Art & Design (SCAD), opened my eyes to how many different pathways design can take, yet how interrelated the disciplines are, in that it’s always important to assess things holistically by looking at the desirability, feasibility and viability.

Samantha Jones
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