Sang Woo Nam

Interaction Designer


Sang Woo Nam


As an Interaction Designer, I design digital interfaces for joyful user experiences. My role is to help clients understand their problems and find out their needs. Ultimately, I provide design solutions which make products delightful.


I worked at Microsoft as a Product Designer for a year. My team developed tools that internal Microsoft designers and developers could use. My role was to come up with possible user scenarios and create them as wireframes, low and hi-fidelity prototypes to make proper design decisions.


My passion is to design memorable experiences by collaborating with knowledgeable experts in a variety of fields.


Tennis, basketball, listening to music, playing PC & console games, hiking, skiing, and playing with my kid.

What is your first memory of design thinking?

I drew a lot and enjoyed it when I was a little kid. I mostly drew storylines inspired by TV cartoons and games. I sometimes modified the stories and changed game rules if I wanted to. The experience has become one of my motivations, which gives me joy now when I design user experiences.

Sang Woo Nam
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