Sara Berg-Love

Mechanical Engineer

San Francisco

Sara Berg-Love

Stanford B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, minor in German Studies

Stanford M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, depth in product realization and manufacturing

As a mechanical engineer educated in thermodynamics and fluids in addition to human-centered design, I bring an important viewpoint to multidisciplinary projects. I like helping people realize what they want out of a project and pushing that to make it one step better. So much of what we use in our daily lives doesn’t work well or make sense, and we can improve that!

Leaving the Earth better than we found it is crucial. I try to be sustainable in all aspects of my life and in design that means getting away from planned obsolescence. I also love coming across good design around me - whether that means it’s a beautiful, streamlined look or a seamless user experience. And organizing (usually through a spreadsheet) has become both necessary and a fun passion in my life.

I enjoy being active and exploring with friends and family. For me, that ends up most often being swimming in California’s outdoor pools, traveling, playing flute in an ensemble, or escaping into a good book. And I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention playing with my cat, Pepper (technically named because her tortoiseshell coloring looks like the spice, but I do love eating bell peppers!).

What’s your first memory of design thinking?
Long before I learned at Stanford that it was called “design thinking,” I was disassembling a broken VCR with my mom as a kid just because I was curious to see how it worked. I think the most influential memory though was when I was in junior high and wanted to practice volleyball but didn’t have someone to play with. So I designed the “Volleyball Passback” - a backboard for a volleyball net made of different materials at different angles so the ball could still bounce back in unpredictable ways and I could hone my skills. Unfortunately, I never had the chance to actually make it, but it definitely sparked my interest in an engineering career because I loved problem solving.

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