Scott Biba

Senior Mechanical Engineer & Project Manager


Scott Biba


Project management, mechanical engineering with strength in mechanisms and analysis.


I have been at Delve (formerly Design Concepts) since 1996. In that time, I have worked on all sorts of projects, from medical and food service equipment to power tools to pumps and heavy equipment. Before that, I was a Design Engineer for Springs Window Fashions Division and a Project Engineer at Thetford Corp.


Understanding how things work and why things are what they are. My connection with nature.


Hobby farming (beef cattle), playing with my dogs, outdoor activities such as canoeing and camping.

What is your first memory of design thinking?

When I was perhaps 5 years old, I took apart my Dad’s clock radio, which apparently didn’t work. I wanted to see what was inside and how it worked. I was intrigued with the fine laminated antenna coil and started unwinding it to see how long it was. As it turns out, the radio just needed a replacement power cord. I got in some trouble, as I recall.

Scott Biba
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