Stefan Foulstone

Mechanical Engineer

San Francisco

Stefan Foulstone

I earned my Bachelor of Science degree in mechanical engineering from the University of Washington in Seattle. For a year and a half I worked as a design/research engineer for the university developing a product for neonatal care. I also served as a design consultant for other medical device developments active in the research group. Following that I spent four years at LUNAR Design (now McKinsey Design) as a mechanical design engineer working in a broad range of industries.

I try to think holistically and lead my problem solving with a focus on the user. I use my engineering skills (among others) as a means to create simple, elegant, and beautiful solutions or products.

Creating things in the physical world that connect, inspire, and empower people.

I've always been a doer of many things and the list continues to grow. I love surfing, climbing, guitar-ing, fixing, building, woodworking, dancing, outdoor adventuring, filmmaking, and dancing. Really anything that gets my body moving.

First memory of design thinking
I remember taking my first CAD class when I was 14 and instantly connecting with it. The opportunity to convert ideas and forms in my head to eventually something tangible immediately excited me then and continues to now.

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