Steven Sedig

Electrical Engineer
Steven Sedig


I am a graduate of Bucknell University with degrees in electrical engineering and studio art. Here I became really passionate about product design and development through various courses and personal projects. Among the more intensive projects during my time as a student, was an internship/senior design course spent with JLG - a manufacturer of access equipment. For JLG, I helped to design and engineer a control system that was used to provide location and usage data for scissor lifts on construction sites.


At Delve, I am part of the Electrical & Software team, so I build, develop, and test electrical systems for various products. When I'm not working with circuitry or firmware, I love to help the industrial designers with sketching and ideation.


I love when sustainability is seamlessly incorporated into the product design process. When a designer, engineer, or architect can use climate change or environmental degradation as a motive, rather than a constraint, for the basis of their creations nothing to me is more impressive.


Oil Painting, Metal Sculpture, Designing/Creating Solar Lanterns, Hiking, Running

What is your first memory of design thinking?

When I was a young kid, my aunt had taken me to a restaurant called Serendipity in NYC. While we were waiting for our food, she began to take the sugar packets out of their ceramic container on the table. She then proceeded to then assemble a house of cards type structure out of the sugar packets and helped me to do the same. This idea of using objects for something other than their intended purpose really stuck with me. Additionally, I occasionally find myself building up the house of "cards" with the sugar packets when I'm waiting too long for my food.

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