Susie Martinson

Sales Administrator

Madison, WI

Susie Martinson


I have a solid background in administration work for various business development and marketing teams, primarily in the creative and construction industries. This includes creating proposals and updating CRM systems, to keeping track of competitors and organizes sponsored events.


I am helping define and manage processes and updates to support our fantastic business development team.


I enjoy viewing and creating systems, processes, and data. If it can be displayed in a spreadsheet, even better!


I can generally be found either at the gym working on whatever I am most interested in at the time (currently heavy weightlifting and spinning), browsing the library in-person or virtually to find the next great book, or cooking up some unplanned dishes!

What is your first memory of design?

As far back as I can remember I have always had a fascination with residential architecture. I have old notebooks full of floorplans and exterior sketches inspired by dreams I would have or houses I would see when driving down the road. My favorite sketch, still to this day, is one for a multi-unit and multi-story tree house.

Susie Martinson
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