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Tayler Nowak

Design Researcher


Tayler Nowak


I inform strategy by making sense of inputs and visualizing experiences in order to identify opportunity areas, define future states, and generate new concepts. I use models and maps to develop frameworks that help clients manage complexity, drive engagement, and create alignment. I always strive to deeply understand context and develop empathy for the end users by breaking information apart and putting it back together in meaningful ways to derive insights that support the design process.


I've held roles working on educational design, consumer and psychological research, as well as design strategy for sport science. I received my Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.


I have an insatiable curiosity about human behavior and a desire to harness not only the power of storytelling, but also the modes through which we tell those stories. I find incredible value in using stories to connect people and extracting meaning from what we hear, see, and feel.


In my mind, play and passion run in the same vein. I enjoy exploring: marine life; new places and perspectives through books, movies, theater, games, and travel; design software; new recipes; ways to improve my backhand drop shot (tennis); and all things coffee.

First memory of design thinking

My first memory of design thinking wasn't exactly human-centered. When I was in elementary school, I constructed a habitat – with supervision – for my pet guinea pig, Lady, out of tissue boxes, toilet paper rolls, and PVC pipes. I learned how to best care for her by adapting the environment to meet her needs.

Tayler Nowak